Success Stories

Florence Assam Success Story

Operations Lead

Dear Chekwube Uchea

I want to give my feedback, and it’s going to be in form of a story because knowing you and enjoying the value that comes from you is one of my success stories.

After leaving my previous job in June 2020. I knew I had to network more and engage seriously on LinkedIn, but I was blank as to how to go about it, even though I have been on the platform for a few years

I stumbled on your post on LinkedIn about a live session on Facebook via Dream Jobs and Careers Network on the topic of “how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, connect and network to achieve the aim of getting a dream job”

I rushed to Facebook and joined the page. 

Although, I missed the live session and had to watch the replay. Immediately you gave me a first impression of not giving up when faced with challenges, this alone got me attracted to you, much more the information that was exposed during the session.

After watching the session I realized you were about to publish your books

“How to ace an online job interview” and “How to optimize your LinkedIn profile to land your dream job”

I immediately indicated my interest in purchasing the books, I did and still got a refund to enjoy the wealth of knowledge from those books for free. 

As if that wasn’t enough I was privileged to enjoy a 30mins strategy session with you, during the session I discovered the career path I was more passionate about even though I was on the verge of transitioning into another related advanced career path. I had clarity after the session.

The book on “how to ace an online job Interview” exposed me to detailed criteria on how to prepare and have a smashing online interview. I had positive reviews from all the online interview sessions have had so far

The book on “how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to land your dream job” exposed me to strategically optimize my profile, connect with different career personnel, network professionally, and engage with posts to gain visibility. I did and my profile can tell the story.

Today I have landed my dream job with a tech company via Linkedln, Thanks to DJCN.

Also, I have learned from @Chekwube Uchea.

 ➡Never to feel entitled but own up to my struggles as 

“No one will come and save you, but yourself”

 ➡The importance of investing in your personal development

➡The importance of resilience and consistency even in the midst of unfavourable circumstances 

Chekwube is one who practices what she preaches, she has had her experiences, the more reason why she is one of the best go-to career coach and mentor as she can easily relate.

Thank You dear Chekwube

Samson John Success Story

Quality Assurance Manager

Good day ma!

I finally landed my dream job!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much coach Chekwube Uchea. I feel so glad knowing you and also joining the Dream Jobs & Career Network.

Your books really gave me a positive push and confidence which I put into play through my job search period, interview process and finally getting the job.

From your book titled “How to Ace an Online Job Interview “, I learnt how to communicate during an online interview, maintaining eye contact, dressing corporately and maintaining a professional gesture.

Also from “How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Land Your Dream Job”, I massively benefited from it. 

My LinkedIn profile is now fleshy as I followed your outlines steps to organize my profile orderly in a professional way and also became visible by engaging in posts and also posting constantly. Ensuring I connected with hiring managers and companies, liking their posts and commenting. I am now visible on LinkedIn.

Through your strategy session, I felt so comfortable and relaxed because you coached me like my mother, sister and personal teacher. The session I had with you spurred me and ignited my passion for my career success.

Finally, landing my dream job was a dream come true because everything I learnt from you as my coach was put into practice and the employer commended my efforts and employed me. Now I am fully employed and happy  

Thank you Coach @Chekwube Uchea

Thank you #DJCN

Chiazokam Vivian Iloka Success Story

By this time last year, I wasn’t sure what direction to take concerning my business. I knew I could do more, but I had no idea how to achieve it. A friend advised me to take a coaching course with Chekwube Uchea and I must say it was one of the best decisions I made for my company last year.

Since after my coaching program with her, I have been able to rebrand my company, make better choices and even attract investors.

Thank you Chekwube Uchea for your amazing coaching techniques.

Akinwade Oluwaseun Elizabeth Success Story

Reading how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and apply the strategies written in the book has made my job search stand out, it helps recruiters find my profile easily and I was able to get a job immediately I graduated. I will recommend the book to people who are willing to get the best out of LinkedIn.

Florence Nkiru Onyeji Success Story

Chekwube Uchea is an outstanding lady

I read her post on Facebook about LinkedIn in September 2020 and the amazing things one can get from the platform

I took the decision to join LinkedIn and I’m so glad I made that decision

I have been able to build my brand, get featured in an international blog, got a gig, and got an award.

Thank you Ms. Chekwube Uchea for that post you made.

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