Getting a job in the UK can be daunting

When I came to the UK, I started applying aggressively in November of the same year and received many rejections. Though I got some interview invites, I wasn’t given an offer letter due to my type of visa – a student visa.

As a student, you aren’t allowed to work full-time during term-time, and these companies weren’t recruiting for part-time staff 😥.

However, I was fortunate to get an HR internship opportunity with Handelsbanken through 10,000 Black Interns 🤗, and I also got to work with the NHS as a Senior Recruiter. Grateful to people like Julie.

Here are some valuable tips if you are currently looking for a job in the UK

1. Most UK companies value work experience over qualifications, so showcase your experiences more in your CV and tailor it to the role you are applying for.

2. Create an account on Indeed, CV Library, Total Jobs, and other job sites, upload your CV, and turn on job notifications to get alerts in your email when there’s a new job vacancy.

I got the NHS job because the company found my CV on Indeed and contacted me immediately—I received an offer letter within two weeks.

3. Don’t underestimate the importance of LinkedIn. I found the 10,000 Black Interns opportunity on LinkedIn. It was a paid internship.

4. Build and Nurture Relationships/Leverage your Network.

I recently commented on Edememe Oladiji-Wusu post about leveraging workplace friendships. I mentioned how my former colleague and friend, Adeife Sasha Dawodu, ACIPM, HRPL, referred me for a job while I was still in Nigeria. It’s funny because after countless applications for months, after the referral, I interviewed for the position and got the job within a week!

One of the things I’ll be focusing more on in 2024 is expanding my network in Nigeria and the UK. It’s still one of the best ways to get referrals for a job role.

5. Build your Confidence level.

Confidence played a significant role during the interview with Handelsbanken and the NHS; I’ll share why I said this in my next post, so watch out😀.

Finally, please don’t take rejection personally. Yes, I know it’s hard😥, but see it as God saying you deserve better.

I remember one interview I had last year…I was hoping to get the job, so when I got negative feedback, I was sad and cried.

Two months later, I got another job that would pay me three times better than the one I wanted so badly, and it reminded me that God always has a better plan for us. God knew what I needed at that moment was a job that would help me pay my school fees, and He gave it to me.

Now, anytime I get a rejection email, I smile and say it’s the company’s loss because they won’t get to experience the amazing person called Chekwube Uchea! Then, I move to the next… no time!😄

PS: This post went viral on LinkedIn. People could relate to my post and pick some lessons, too.

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