Pain Always Leaves A Gift

This year started with so much pain, I survived everything I thought would cripple me, and I’ve grown🙏.

I made a decision I shouldn’t have made and was angry at myself when I realised what I had done. There were days I didn’t want to leave my bed, let alone my room. Days, I just wanted to remain under my duvet. I was off social media for a long time. I couldn’t work for months and didn’t have the means to pay my bills. Days of consistent tears😭and I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If my room could talk, it would have said, ‘It’s okay.’ You have cried and blamed yourself enough. It’s time to forgive yourself. Lol

I wouldn’t have survived without my support system.

Gosh! I’m genuinely grateful for them🙌🙏.

After a while, I forgave myself and picked myself back up. I took some quality time for reflection and realised that there are some types of pain we experience to teach us a lesson or to help us refocus.

When God tries to tell us something, and we don’t listen, He speaks to us through our loved ones, and if we still don’t listen, He decides to leave us to experience the pain. God doesn’t like to see His children in pain, but sometimes it is necessary to experience pain to get the lesson🙂.

Here’s what pain has taught me:

Pain gives us courage and wisdom – we do things we naturally won’t do.

Pain allows us to comfort others with similar experiences – we can easily relate with others and share words of encouragement to help them get through their pain.

Pain helps us build the resilience and stamina to carry us through the future.

Pain can bring positive change into our lives (if used right) – it gives us the impetus to learn, grow, improve ourselves, and blossom.

Pain directs us back to God, and we remember the need to rely on Him – no matter how many besties you have, they may not be available at the ‘exact time’ you need them. They are also dealing with ‘this thing called life’.

What do you do?

You turn to God. So, building a relationship with Him is essential. You don’t have to know how to speak in tongues to build a relationship with Him. Not everyone who speaks in tongues fears God (which I have seen firsthand).

Learn to use your pain to your advantage.

After being offline for a long time, I got back on social media, and I’m super glad💃. I love to write because it’s therapeutic for me😊, so I’m excited to write again and share my gift😊.

Seeing that I have gained over 3,000 followers on LinkedIn within a month is even more exciting. Amazing!😎 To my new followers, THANK YOU and welcome to my world😊💃.

I was just on 24K plus followers for about three years because I wasn’t posting. So, this means a lot🙏 .

Despite everything I went through this year, I came out stronger.

It’s okay if you had a tough year; that’s life. But letting your pain go to waste is not okay. 

Put it to good use!

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