I made the best decision to move to the UK in 2021.

The decision to move to the UK has opened numerous doors of opportunities. Things I never thought possible.

Initially, it was a terrifying decision, mainly because I didn’t have everything figured out. There were days I asked myself if relocating was the right move. I was always overwhelmed, confused, and lost; I remember shedding premium tears every day for months😢.

Let’s face it: moving into a new country and living alone takes COURAGE. No jokes!

However, these three lessons are unforgettable:

First, the importance of surrounding oneself with a quality circle/support system:

My previous decision to move to Canada started sometime in 2018, and my results were evaluated by World Education Services in 2019. With all the money spent during the process, it still didn’t work out. God had a different plan, and when my uncle and best friend, who were already in the UK, encouraged me to try the UK, I knew God was speaking to me through them. Every day, I’m glad I listened to them😁.

Second, the importance of building the courage to take the FIRST STEP:

Some people are still waiting for someone to help them do this. There are things you must do for yourself, and there are decisions you must take before your GOD-sent helpers can locate you. Don’t sit somewhere blaming others that they didn’t help or support you.

When you take that FIRST STEP, God will send you people that will help you.

Third, the importance of using one’s WHY as a source of motivation:

After leaving my comfort zone, I had to find a way to adapt to this new UK environment, so I focused on my WHYs😊.

One of my WHYs is to inspire people by showing them practical results that their past or background doesn’t determine their future or destination if they are willing to challenge the status quo and put in the work.

We are stronger than we think – Joel Osteen.

Today, I choose to share my story to inspire others worldwide.

Initially, it felt unachievable, but I was determined to make my dream come true.

There were days of wailing, not just crying (sometimes, I wonder how my tear gland hasn’t dried up 😂), days of doubting myself and my capabilities and everything I’ve worked hard to achieve, days I made difficult decisions, days I shut some of my family members out to protect my mental health.

Trust me, there were very HARD days. When people see the beautiful pictures today, I smile. Only the person who wears the shoes knows where it pinches. Lol

Today, I have an International degree in HRM, a dream I nurtured since 2015 during my first master’s degree days at the University of Ibadan.

It took seven years for this dream to come true.

As we enter a new year, don’t be pressured by all the dreams you couldn’t achieve this year.

2024 is a great time to try again!🤗

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