Turn Your Pain Into Positive Growth

In 2020, I gave a travel consultant about one million to process my Canadian visa.

Aside from wanting to fulfil my dream of studying Human Resource Management at an International University, I wanted to leave the country due to a health challenge.

In January 2021, the travel consultant sent a document from the Canadian embassy stating the visa was denied due to a lack of travel history. I remember feeling numb and couldn’t cry until the following day.

I channelled the pain of my Canadian visa rejection to planning for my UK relocation the same year. Thanks to my best friend and uncle, who encouraged me to apply to the UK instead of focusing solely on Canada.

In early 2021, I applied to about eight UK universities and was admitted to all, but I chose to study at the University of Liverpool. I left my home country for the first time in October 2021 and wasn’t prepared for the culture shock when I arrived. Cried consistently for months and asked myself if I made the right decision to relocate.

After a few weeks, I started looking for part-time HR roles, and after interviewing with so many companies, I received many rejection emails. So, I had to opt for other jobs that wouldn’t clash with my classes.

I call them ‘survival jobs’ ranging from cleaning in schools, working as a kitchen assistant, store replenishment officer in Tesco supermarket, catering assistant, event steward, support worker in individual and nursing homes caring for the young and elderly, working in a mental health hospital as a health care assistant.

Yes, I did all😀

Someone asked me a question: while doing these ‘survival jobs’ to make ends meet, did you regret resigning from your job as a Senior HR Manager at the tech company where you worked in Nigeria before relocating?

My response was: No.

However, I would ask myself if I made the right decision by leaving my home country (not the job).

Relocation is HARD!

It can take a toll on you because it requires a lot of mental energy and resilience. Aside from preparing financially, you must be prepared emotionally, psychologically and otherwise.

Would I have done things differently?

I made a lot of mistakes and wasn’t adequately prepared before relocating. That’s why I decided to share my relocation story so everyone planning to relocate can learn from my mistakes.

Again, in my 34 years of existence, I’ve learned that everyone’s path is different. We will all get to our various destinations if we put in the work, but our process and journey will be different.

Been a year since I graduated with a Merit in Human Resource Management as a self-funded student from the University of Liverpool (against all odds).

I’m glad I didn’t allow my pain to go to waste.

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